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Veritas Prime Establishes a Qualtrics Practice to Enable Better Employee Experiences

Veritas Prime, a global professional services firm and leading HR platforms partner, secured a new partnership with Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management category, further cementing Veritas Prime as a key player in the HR space. This new practice area allows for optimizing the configuration and utilization of the Qualtrics EmployeeXM solution, working seamlessly with the existing SAP SuccessFactors solution across eight different employee experiences to attract and retain talent, increase productivity and improve overall engagement. This new offering will enable Veritas Prime’s highly skilled and experienced HR consultants to collaborate closely with data and behavioral scientists to capture feedback during the moments that matter for employees, then also analyze and respond to that feedback.

Veritas Prime’s Qualtrics practice will expand its offering beyond SAP SuccessFactors, payroll services, and benefits. This partnership will provide Veritas Prime’s current and future customers the ability to take their best-in-class HR system – SAP SuccessFactors and design and improve employee experiences in areas that are critical to their businesses such as recruiting, onboarding, performance, benefits, and employee satisfaction surveys.

“The Qualtrics partnership is critical to our firm’s growth and will allow us to diversify our offerings beyond HR systems and payroll. Capturing feedback from stakeholders such as employees and customers is critical in business no matter what industry you are in. When you are then able to pair that feedback data with other key data attributes it allows you to respond and react strategically,” said Nick Begin, Managing Partner at VeritasPrime.

“Experience data is the currency of the modern workplace, and understanding employees’ workplace experiences differentiate great from good companies,” said Eric Din, Qualtrics Vice President, Americas & XM Discover ecosystem. “We’re excited to partner with Veritas Prime to enable even more organizations to listen to their employees and act on their valuable feedback.”


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