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Discover the future of workforce management with our advanced, cloud-based HR and payroll solutions. Designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, our comprehensive platform streamlines HR processes, enhances employee self-service, and ensures global compliance. Whether you’re managing time tracking, payroll, employee benefits, or HR service delivery, our innovative solutions provide the flexibility and intelligence you need to elevate your organization and empower your people. Explore how our integrated tools can transform your HR operations and drive success in today’s dynamic business environment.

Discover Our Core HR and
Payroll Solutions

How Does SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Transform HR Management?

A flexible, cloud-based human resources information system (HRIS) that standardizes HR processes globally and enhances decision-making with comprehensive visibility.

  • Global Compliance Meet local compliance needs across over 100 regions.

  • Enhanced Productivity Boost efficiency with self-service tools and proactive alerts.

  • Comprehensive Benefits Administration Manage global benefits and absence management seamlessly.

Key Features

1. Profiles and Employee Self-Services

    • Integrated HR Data: Centralized platform for key HR data.
    • Self-Service Tools: Empower employees with tools for managing absences, benefits, and more.
    • Best-Practice Processes: Ensure compliance with localized best practices for position and time management.

2. Organizational Structures

      • Interactive Charts: Visualize your workforce with interactive org charts.
      • Position Management: Maintain your desired structure with embedded management capabilities.
      • Streamlined Administration: Simplify HR tasks with tools for common work events.

3. Absence Management

    • Accurate Tracking: Allow employees to request absences from any device.
    • Administrator Workbench: Centralize absence management with comprehensive tools.
    • Comprehensive Time Management: Support all worker types with robust foundational data.

How Does SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking Optimize Workforce Productivity?

A complete solution for managing employee time and attendance, designed to control labor costs and enhance workforce productivity.

Efficient Time Recording

    • Fast and easy time entry for accurate, timely payroll.
    • User-friendly experience across devices.

Advanced Integration

    • Connect with external clock terminals and digital punch clocks.
    • Real-time entry evaluation based on employee profiles.

Flexible Configuration

    • Adapt to business needs, agreements, and local regulations.
    • Unified platform for all time and payroll management.

Can SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center Revolutionize HR Management?

A robust HR service delivery solution offering a comprehensive knowledge base and direct HR help desk access through email or phone.

Digital HR Service Delivery

    • Transition to modern HR service with integrated solutions.
    • Resolve employee issues without tickets or calls.

Enhanced HR Support

    • Quick access to HR experts from any device.
    • HR agents equipped with necessary employee information for rapid issue resolution.

Insightful Analytics

    • Monitor service levels, common issues, and resolution quality with embedded analytics.