Empower Employees with Paperless Pay, Earned Wage Access and Financial Education.

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Veritas Prime Digital Wallet, powered by AnyDay, revolutionizes the way employees access their pay and manage their finances. This program offers a paperless pay solution that automatically gives employees instant access to their hard-earned money on payday with a virtual card and mobile app, paired with a physical pay card. No more cheques, no more waiting. We also offer Earned Wage Access, providing employees pay flexibility, giving them the ability to access a portion of their wages as they earn them, ahead of payday.

What is keeping HR leaders up at night? Recruitment & Retention.

Amidst the challenges of the talent war and growing employee disengagement, it’s crucial for employers to elevate their offerings with enticing benefits. It’s time to strengthen your competitive edge by attracting top talent and fostering retention through compelling and meaningful incentives.

Enable financial freedom with our flexible pay solutions.

In today’s employee-centric landscape, your benefits need to go beyond the ordinary to retain and attract top talent. With the Veritas Prime Digital Wallet, alleviate the financial burden of waiting for payday and minimize financial stress for your team. Additionally, streamline payments securely and effortlessly with our Pay Cards solution, providing a convenient platform to compensate your workforce.

We understand that financial well-being goes beyond immediate cash flow. That’s why Veritas Prime Digital Wallet comes with a suite of financial education resources. Empower employees to take control of their finances, make informed decisions, and make their money go further with Veritas Prime Digital Wallet, powered by AnyDay.

Key Benefits

SAP SuccessFactors:

Veritas Prime Wallet powered by AnyDay integrates seamlessly with SuccessFactors.

Programs include Payroll Pay Card Program or Earned Wage Access:

Give employees instant access to their pay, giving them full control over their finances.

Employees Access:

Payroll Pay Card and Earned Wage Access programs come with digital and physical pay cards, paired with a mobile app.

Employer Benefits:

Improves morale, financial wellness, and productivity, while also alleviating financial stress for employees.

Comprehensive Financial Education:

Employees can access financial education tools and resources about saving, investing and more.

Greater Financial Freedom:

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your employees have the tools and resources to manage their money effectively.

Join a Thriving Community:

Be part of a community of employers who are giving their employees access to their finances to achieve their financial goals.


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