Rehire on Old Employment in Onboarding: Assigning Tasks to the Correct Group

Rehire on Old Employment in ONB: Assigning Tasks to the Correct Group

SAP SuccessFactors has recently added the Rehire on Old Employment functionality in Onboarding.

While it is a nice feature, there are some known issues, as described in this KBA. 

We’ve found another issue that is not listed in the KBA above: When you choose Rehire on Old Employment during the Rehire Verification step, SF uses the employee’s previous employment data when determining the responsible group for Compliance and the RBP permission group for Manage Pending Hires.

For example, if Legal entity is used as criteria in the compliance rule to assign the group, and the employee was previously in Legal Entity A, but upon rehire he will be in Legal Entity B, the rule will see Legal Entity A and assign to that group incorrectly.

There is a work-around for this issue for New Hires. SAP recommends mapping the field from RCM (Legal Entity in this case) in Recruit-to-Hire Data Mapping to both Job Information and a custom field in Employment Details and use the Employment Details field in the assignment rule and RBP group criteria, since Employment Details isn’t effective dated.

Unfortunately, the work-around doesn’t work for Rehires, because the Recruit-to-Hire Data Mapping doesn’t map to custom fields on Employment Details for rehires. This is an SAP gap, and I believe there is an enhancement request open to fix this.

In the meantime, until that gap gets fixed, we’ve come up with a work-around.

Since the Recruit-to-Hire Data Mapping can’t populate the custom fields on Employment Details for rehires, you needed another way to get them populated, so here’s what you do:

    1. If the custom field(s) haven’t been created yet, create custom field(s) on Employment Details for whatever Job Info fields you are using as criteria in the compliance rule and RBP group(s).
Rehire Old Employ ONB-1

2. Add the new custom fields to the Recruit-to-Hire Data Mapping. While this doesn’t work for rehires, it is needed for new hires since the compliance rule will be changed (next step) to use these fields.

Rehire Old Employ ONB-2

3. Using Configure Business Rules, adjust your US Compliance rule to use the Employment Details custom fields instead of Job Information fields.

Rehire Old Employ ONB-3

4. Using Manage Permission Groups, set the criteria in the ONB “External Onboarding User” target group(s) to use the Employment Details custom fields. These would be the groups assigned to the NHDR and Compliance permission role.

Rehire Old Employ ONB-4

5. Using Configure Business Rules, write a cross-entity business rule to populate the custom Employment Details fields from the Job Information fields.

Rehire Old Employ ONB-5

6. Using Manage Business configuration, add the new rule in the Trigger Rules section of Job Information

Rehire Old Employ ONB-6

With this new rule in place, when the person doing the Rehire Data Review completes the process and Submits at the end, the new custom fields on Employment Details will be populated and can be used in the Assign Compliance rule and the RBP target group(s).

The US Compliance steps and Manage Pending Hires will now be assigned based on the employee’s NEW employment data instead of the previous data.

Dave Contant Prime Cloud Lead

Dave Contant
Prime Cloud Lead


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