How to Revive and Refresh Your Career Site

Career Site Updated

When is a good time to update your career site?

Always….  Your career site should be as fresh as any sales materials you would give your clients.  In this job market, candidates are “clients”.   Just like a client would scope out your web page, candidates will be scoping out your career pages.  So, what are you “selling” to candidates?  Outdated information? Pictures from 2019?  Links to pages that are no longer in use?  You’re now thinking “uh oh” or “good grief, I know all of this but just don’t have time, budget or the staff to manage it.”  However, if you are doing any type of consistent hiring, you can’t afford not to.  Whether you have SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing or a corporate career site, here are some ideas to R&R (revive and refresh) your site. 

Now, how can you tackle this without blowing up your time, staff and/or budget?

  • Start by giving your career page a health check. Review every page, link, photo, header/footer, on your career site.   Make notes of anything that’s not working or outdated.  These items will be the first place you can start with updates.   This process should be done on at least a quarterly basis.   You can set aside 5-10 minutes a day to review one page – maybe in the morning with coffee, before emails.

  • Next, you will want to look at your overall message of the site. What is it or is it not conveying?  As you are reviewing, some things to ask yourself….
    • Does it look fresh and engaging? Do the photos/videos make you feel happy and want to work at your company?
    • Is it easy to find and search for jobs?
    • Is the “About Us” info still accurate?
    • Are there pages and/or content that was never fleshed out or finished after Go Live? In other words, do you have a benefits page with no real content on it?
    • Does it talk about your company culture? Do you say what it’s like to work for your company?
    • Does it tell candidates what makes you different or better than your competition? Have you won awards? Do you have great training?
    • Does it let the candidate know what the interview and hiring process is like? The career site is a great place to put the candidate at ease or answer some of their questions, especially in companies that hire a lot of people new to the work force.
    • Does it celebrate diversity, and does it look diverse? Does it speak to the equity and inclusion?
    • If a candidate visits your site every few months, is there anything new for them to view?  Are you giving them a reason to check back?
  • Now you have all these items that either need to be addressed and content that needs to be added and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Start by making a list and prioritizing it.   Once you have the list, you can work with marketing or IT to get your site updated, or, if you have SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing, you can do the updates yourself or with a SuccessFactors Partner in Career Site Builder.  (As best practice, remember to do them in your test site first, then in production.)
    • Of course, anything that is broken would need to be addressed first.
    • Second, anything that needs to be updated or is out-of-date.
    • Third, add new content.

  • Once you have everything in order, start small. Literally, you can do one item per week and keep your career site fresh. Here are some other ideas to revive your career site.
    • Update a video or add a video.
    • Change out your home page “hero” image.
    • Add information about a career fair or hot hiring need to a “Featured Jobs” page.
    • Change out other images on your home page.
    • Add pages to start to build out some of the content outlined above. Remember, you can start small.  One image and some text will get you started.  Then, as more content becomes available, you can add more to the page over time.


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