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At Veritas Prime, we are committed to investing in our internships by providing opportunities for students and recent graduates to participate in experiential learning (learning by doing). We ensure our interns are exposed to real-world business scenarios to give them professional experiences and the opportunity to explore the career paths we offer.

Veritas Prime employees serve as mentors and advisors to our interns and share their deep knowledge and expertise. Mentors and advisors are committed to the technical and professional skills development of our potential future employees, and this commitment is fundamental to our company culture.

Veritas Prime intership


Veritas Prime is looking for interns that come from a wide variety of backgrounds/majors. We offer internships in consulting, project management, product development, and client engagement. Depending on business needs, we also may offer internships in our operational departments. The desired background will vary depending on the internship.


We look for students/graduates that have a mix of technical abilities, business acumen, and a strong desire to help clients improve efficiencies and processes. It will be key for someone looking to get into consulting to have a personality that can adapt to many different types of clients. A successful consultant loves to solve problems, partner with our clients, and have a firm grasp on technical concepts/configuration of the systems we implement.

Project Management
A successful Project Manager will have a mix of strong organizational skills, proven ability to communicate effectively, and strong problem solving skills. A strong Project Manager at Veritas Prime enjoys keeping all of the puzzle pieces together, can communicate well with people at all levels, and enjoys seeing a project through from A to Z.

Product Development
Our Products intern will have a technical background and a passion for innovating with new technologies. A Products intern will have a passion for building technical products to enhance our existing offerings, have a creative mind, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Client Engagement
Our Client Engagement interns will have a go-getter attitude, possess a great deal of self-motivated drive, and experience working in an environment where customer service/experience is key. Client Engagement’s goal is to win business, understand client needs, and build long lasting relationships with our customers.


We understand that a smooth and well-organized program is essential for a successful experience. At Veritas Prime, we take pride in our approach to logistics, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly from start to finish.

First Step

Our internships typically run from April- August.

From April-June

Interns will work remotely for 5-10 hours per week. During this time, the interns will have their orientation to the company, work on orientation items for their respective areas, and get a general overview of what we do/who we are as a company.

From June-August

The interns will have the opportunity to work in one of Veritas Prime's on-site office locations, which include Portland, Maine; Orlando, Florida; or Shawnee, KS, depending on the focus of their internship. Once on-site, they will have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the areas of their internship. They will be able to learn new technologies, observe and learn from full-time employees in their respective fields, and collaborate with team members on various projects.

Pay Ranges

During the internship, the typical range is from $25-$35 per hour, depending on education/experience level.

Veritas Prime Offers a Relocation Stipend

Stipend to assist all interns with moving/housing costs for the summer.