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At Veritas Prime, we believe in taking care of our team. Enjoy competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, and a vibrant company culture. Join us and experience the perks of being part of our dynamic and supportive team.

Hybrid Work
In most cases, either fully remote or hybrid work is allowed.
Health Insurance
Employee health insurance is covered in full. Veritas Prime pays 100% of the monthly premium. Benefits start on Day 1, there is no waiting period.
We offer paid PTO, a PTO purchase program for additional PTO, and a paid day for Community Service.
We currently recognize 9 paid Company Holidays.
We have a 401k plan with a company match.
Paid Parental Leave
We offer paid parental leave, and even offer milk delivery services for nursing moms who need to travel for work.
Short Term Disability
Veritas Prime will pay for Short Term Disability coverage for all benefit eligible employees.
Occasional Travel
Travel is generally minimal. Depending on your role, you may have occasional travel, but no one is expected to be on the road constantly.
We use Bonusly to celebrate and reward employees for doing a great job.
Rewards and Recognition
A Rewards and Recognition program rewards employees, monthly and quarterly, who go above and beyond.
SAP Learning Hub
Veritas Prime employees have access to the SAP Learning Hub and SuccessFactors certifications are paid for.
Company Trip
We strive for having a company trip every few years, where ALL employees travel somewhere fun together.


During the Veritas Prime company trip, employees have the opportunity to relax and unwind in a new and exciting location. The destination is carefully chosen to provide a perfect blend of leisure, adventure, and cultural exploration. Whether it’s a tropical beach resort, a vibrant cityscape, or a serene nature retreat, the company trip offers a change of scenery that allows employees to recharge and bond with their colleagues in a relaxed setting.

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