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We foster a collaborative environment with open communication channels, regular team meetings, and virtual collaboration tools. We prioritize building strong relationships, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other’s success. Join us to experience the power of staying connected at Veritas Prime.

While we’re a growing company, we’re still small enough to know everyone’s name.
We use a chat application to connect on work-related topics, as well as to connect on shared interests, like our pets, the food we’re cooking, our health and wellness activities, and more.
We engage in friendly competitions like fitness challenges, bracket challenges, creative idea challenges, etc. Often with rewards!
We leverage technology to ensure everyone has the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, whether they work from one of our offices or remotely from home.
Our leadership team is accessible and actively engages with employees across departments and levels.


  • We encourage knowledge sharing, regardless of your experience level. Everyone has a unique experience that can help others learn and grow.
  • Our environment is collaborative. There is always a team to bounce ideas off of, to ask questions to, and to work with to achieve a goal.
  • We encourage Learning and Development. Everyone has access to the SAP Learning Hub and we support getting new SuccessFactors certifications. We think it’s important to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Our Global DEI Committee continuously promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We love CliftonStrengths. Every employee knows their top 5 strengths, and we have regular discussions and activities on how individual strengths help us work well together.
  • Using the Qualtrics surveying platform, we frequently source feedback from our employees pertaining to overall satisfaction and engagement. With the feedback that we gather our leadership team is able to craft targeted action items that help enhance our overall employee experience.