Veritas Prime, LLC Announces Headquarters Relocation to Orlando, FL

Veritas Prime Head Quarters

Veritas Prime Relocates Headquarters from Portland to Orlando, Elevating Operational Efficiency and Client Service

Orlando, FL – January 5, 2024 – Veritas Prime, LLC, a leading provider of HR Technology Services and Software, is excited to announce the relocation of its headquarters from Portland, ME, to Orlando, FL. The strategic move aligns with the company’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing resources to better serve its clients.

The Orlando office, located at 121 S Orange Ave, Ste 1200, Orlando, FL, will continue to serve as the primary hub for Veritas Prime’s Payroll Services Team and Contact Center, as well as future offerings. This centralization of key functions will enable Veritas Prime to streamline communication, collaboration, and service delivery, ultimately benefiting our valued clients.

While the headquarters is moving to Orlando, Veritas Prime will continue to operate key functions from their Portland, ME, office with the existing staff at the current location of 75 Market Street, Suite 203, Portland, ME. This decision ensures continuity and maintains the strong foundation built in Portland.

The relocation to Orlando reflects Veritas Prime’s commitment to growth, innovation, and client satisfaction. The new headquarters in Orlando provides an ideal environment to foster collaboration, tap into local talent pools, and leverage the dynamic business ecosystem in the region.

“We are excited about this strategic move to Orlando, which will further strengthen our position in the industry and enhance our ability to deliver exceptional services to our clients. When looking at the operational costs of our business, and ultimately where our clients are located, Orlando, FL is a better fit overall,” said Nick Begin, Partner at Veritas Prime.

Orlando is not new to Veritas Prime. The company expanded to this location in 2017 as part of their Payroll Services offering. With the purchase of a new office in 2022, it shows the commitment to growth in this area. Veritas Prime looks forward to this new chapter and the opportunities it presents for continued growth and success.

For more information please contact:

Nick Begin – Partner Veritas Prime, LLC

About Veritas Prime, LLC


Veritas Prime, guided by the principles of “Truth and Excellence,” is unwaveringly committed to delivering unparalleled service to our clients. As a leading consulting firm specializing in Human Experience Management (HXM) technology, particularly SAP SuccessFactors software, we excel in a range of services beyond Human Capital Management (HCM) implementations. Our expertise extends to project advisory, support, and product development, positioning Veritas Prime as a distinguished SAP service partner, build partner, and sell partner.

In late 2023, Veritas Prime earned the prestigious distinction of “Mid Market Partner of the Year.” This recognition underscores our proven proficiency and competencies in HR cloud solutions, demonstrated through the training and certification of our team members, successful project experiences, a track record of customer satisfaction (as attested by our clients), and the submission of comprehensive business development plans.

In addition to their US locations, Veritas Prime has operations in Peru, UK, and India.


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